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European Car Service

Different services to meet your budget and requirements

  • 1 h
  • From 109 New Zealand dollars
  • Workshop Bay 1

Service Description

Basic car service ($109) includes: 1. Replace engine oil (Penrite 5W-40 or 5W-30. Fully synthetic oil) (Special viscosity oil on demand with extra charge) 2. Replace oil filter (Ryco or Proselect) (Additional charges for cartridge and other filters) 3. Reset service light and service interval (subject to tooling compatibility) 4. Inspect tyre condition, tread depth and adjust tyre pressures 5. Check exterior lights 6. Test horn function 7. Visual inspection of cooling system including radiator, radiator cap, and hoses 8. Visual inspection of air filter (where applicable) 9. Visual inspection of steering rack (where visible) 10. Visual inspection of CV boots and driveshafts (where applicable) 11. Visual search for date of cambelt replacement (where applicable) 12. Visual inspection for engine oil leaks 13. Visual inspection of brake pads and discs (wheel-on inspection only) 14. Check the coolant and anti-freeze condition and top-up (where required) 15. Check transmission or gearbox fluid condition and level (dipstick check only) 16. Check and top up power steering fluid (where required) 17. Check brake and clutch fluid (where applicable) 18. Check and top-up windscreen washer fluid Full Car Service ($139) - Basic Car service plus: 19. Visual inspection of engine and transmission mount (where visible) 20. Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts where accessible (excluding cambelt) 21. Check and test battery condition 22. Check seat belt condition and operation 23. Vehicle road test 24. Inspect bonnet latch and catch for corrosion Premium Car Service ($159) - Full Car service plus: 25. Inspect exhaust system including mountings for security, leaks and noise 26. Visual inspection of steering and suspension component 27. Visual inspection of spark plug condition 28. Check park brake and adjust (where applicable and if required) 29. Diagnostic scanning and erase fault codes 30. Rotate Tyres *Japanese Car service includes up to 5 litres of Penrite synthetic oil (5W-40 or 5W-30. fully synthetic). Oil filter included. Additional cost will apply for cartridge and diesel filters, diesel engines, V6, V8, turbo-charged and 4WD vehicles. Valid for cars with engines capacity up to 5 litres. For engines that require more than 5 litres of oil, extra oil will be charged for and payable directly to the merchant. Any additional work to your vehicle will be quoted, and Greasy Hands will seek authorisation before being carried out.

Contact Details

  • 48c Diana Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland, New Zealand

    09 440 9969

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