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How does it work?

  1. Customers book online, via phone or walk in.

  2. Upon arrival customers will watch a health and safety induction video and be inducted on site.

  3. Customers will be guided by trained technician into the allocated bay and will be issued with standard tools (138 piece tool set, Allen Key set, Screw driver set, flash light and head torch)

  4. Staff on site will put the car on the car hoist if that's requirement of the customer.

  5. Customers work on their cars and get assistance from the our trained technicians as required.

  6. Specialised tools will be available to customers at no additional cost but will only be handed out or operated by trained technicians depending upon the tools and requirements. 

  7. After finishing working on their cars, customers will pay for the service and also any parts they might have bought from Greasy Hands. Pre authorisation on credit or debit card (Bond) will be released as soon as payment is received.

  8. Trained Technician will get the car off the hoist and will guide the customer out of the shop


Please refer to full Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Greasy Hands Mechanic Repairing Car
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