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What We Offer

Greasy Hands is a fully dedicated DIY Car Workshop. We offer space, tools and equipment for customers to bring in their car and work on themselves. Included in the price of our Full Greasy and Half Greasy service is the access to all the tools and equipment we have at the workshop. Some of the tools but not limited to are:

  • 5 Car Hoists with workbenches equipped with compressed air and Vice grips

  • Extensive range of Socket and spanner sets

  • Torque Wrenches ranging from 3.7 nm to 220 nm

  • Diagnostic Scanner

  • Spring Compressor

  • Shop Bearing Press

  • Wheel Bearing and Bush Removal and Installation Kits

  • Engine Swap Equipment such as Engine Crane, Engine Support Bar and Engine Stands

  • Transmission Jack

  • E-Torx Sockets for European Vehicles

  • Oil Fillter removal kits and recylicing faciliy

  • Waste Oil catchers and Waste Oil recycling facility

Contact us

Open Wednesday to Sunday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

09 440 9969

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